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Test & Go V2.zero has obtained a common thumbs down by Thaiger readers and viewers. Or nearly wherever else in the on-line comments house. The rebooted, and slightly more sophisticated, Test & Go option, a half of the three-part Thailand Pass on-line re-entry program, was relaunched on Thursday for travellers arriving after February 1.
Initially launched on November 1, and a popular choice for travellers during both November and December last 12 months, Test & Go has had a number of tweaks before the announcement to reboot this system on Thursday. It’s now Test & Go, then check once more, then go… hopefully.
An added 5th day booking of an SHA+ hotel, and accompanying PCR check, plus extra insurance coverage demands for travellers, was roundly criticised in all The Thaiger feedback sections. In reality we battled to find even one complimentary post welcoming the second version of the, apparently, “quarantine-exemption” re-entry. From tatness.org…

“Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has approved the resumption of the Exemption from Quarantine (TEST & GO) entry scheme.”

In reality it’s anything but quarantine-free. Now, with not one, however two, compulsory one-night stays at an SHA+ hotel and an additional PCR test… both at the traveller’s cost. The further Day 5 PCR check appears to be the straw the broke the again of any final goodwill travellers had for Thailand presently.
Remember, these travellers had been already required to have a PCR test in their residence nation earlier than they journey to Thailand then, in many cases, another PCR (or Rapid Antigen Test) check earlier than they get on the plane and head home.
The timing isn’t nice either with the normal excessive season already winding down. Sure, there’ll still be Thais, expats and other travellers that need to, or particularly WANT to, get to Thailand presently, however any big surge in tourism, underneath the present tips, can’t be anticipated to be greater than the November and December totals last 12 months.
Whilst a lot of the world is making progress with fewer restrictions and ‘opening up’, Thailand has introduced a brand new versions of Test & Go with MORE restrictions.
The on-line response has been universally brutal….
Lone Wolf The present situation price range and quick holidays vacationer is limited at finest you then add the fixed altering of visa guidelines is not workable for a lot of tourists who needs to organise journeys months upfront.
WD ONeal My youngsters and grandkids were going to return in March. Planned on dropping $25-30K US on the Thai economic system whereas right here. Well the second hotel PCR check requirement was simply an extreme amount of for them to cope with. They journey typically and mentioned they never saw so many absurd requirements.
Smiley McGee I went to Thailand in late November underneath the primary “Test&Go” and stayed four weeks. Turned out I was really lucky and had good timing. For me to go back again they need to drop each restriction and return to normal. Too a lot of a threat going to Thailand throughout these instances.
John Mac Thailand is going to lose a Significant quantity of tourist in the event that they proceed with the model new Test & Go Rules. Why can’t they just settle for the RT-PCR Test that vacationers get seventy two hours earlier than departure to Thailand.
Peter Ino It’s too difficult and risky. I think they need to think about that asymptomatic vacationers pose little menace if they are responsible and use a mask. Surely it’s time to deal with this as a bad flu.
jkn1960 Test,Go,Stop,Test,Go Again (if you’re lucky). Tourism will never get well till they give you something smart.
Charles Brie I gave up on making an attempt to vacation in Thailand. There are ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei amd restrictions presently. Perhaps they’ll get it all sorted out by 2025. Until then, Europe, USA, and South America seem like simpler vacation options.
Alex Kid Problem just isn’t the price of PCR check …. the issue is the two PCR check after arrival which may completely damage your holidays if you are positive.
Check any of The Thaiger forums and feedback sections for yourselves (or just about another comment house on the topic). Honestly, we’ve by no means seen such an outpouring of such unfavorable commentary on a specific matter.
The different problem is, not a lot the added complexities and prices, it’s the dangers of testing positive. And these dangers are neither low nor low cost. Again, The Thaiger has been flooded with emails and desperate pleas for assist from individuals that have been caught in a Covid hell – forcefully quarantined, at their value, in AQ hotels, hospitals and area hospitals. Most asymptomatic. Some have had the double whammy, due to their incarceration, of missing flights and visa expirations, and been fined for overstay when finally leaving the country.
Some of these horror tales have ended up in worldwide media…. “Australian girl, 14, locked in Thai Covid lodge as journey horror tales pile up”

Whilst the tourism and hospitality sector are doing their greatest to place a constructive spin on the state of affairs and get their own companies up and going once more, some at great price, they have to also be shaking their head as Thai officialdom appears, no less than from the outside, to be making things as complicated as potential.
Of course Thailand may be typically happy with its Covid response. Whilst many people feared the worst, within the early days, Thailand showed that with consistent, and at times virtually draconian, restrictions and closures, a country CAN limit the direct well being implications of the coronavirus.
South East Asia, usually, has been one of many least hard hit components of the world. When it comes toCovid-related deaths per million inhabitants, Malaysia leads SE Asian countries however continues to be #86 on the listing of 224 nations, territories and particular Covid incidents.
Then you need to scroll all the method down to #119 to search out Indonesia. Thailand is #134. Even though people will level to lowered testing in some instances, over-burdened hospitals or spikes generally death charges haven’t been a function indicating any underlying, undetected Covid surges in these international locations. Diet? Climate? DNA? That will certainly be the topic for later research.
We imagine that, given the final enchancment within the Covid situation around the world, and the continuing low numbers of Covid infections in the Kingdom, that the CCSA will swiftly cut back the variety of restrictions and paperwork hurdles currently confronting travellers. But, for now, travellers may have the choice of Test & Go V2.zero and numerous Sandbox applications to contemplate from February 1, 2022.
HERE’S the net site for the Thailand Pass.
Here’s yesterday’s Good Morning Thailand program where we went through lots of the changes and viewer’s reactions to the new model of Test & Go.

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