Durian, the world’s most costly fruit, holds a fascinating status amongst fruit enthusiasts – it’s both a beloved delicacy or an unbearable nightmare, significantly due to its powerful scent. In current times, a viral social media video brings this polarising dialog across the king of fruits to the forefront, showing a Thai boy’s unusual method to savour durian with out its infamous smell.
The video, circulating on numerous online platforms, shows an unidentified boy quietly indulging in a juicy durian. Yet, what captures the viewers’ attention is the distinctive method during which he enjoys his snack. Even though he’s usually troubled by the scent of durian, he puts his displeasure apart to relish its style. His strategy? Covering his nostril while speedily devouring the creamy flesh, reported Sanook.
Upon noticing the digital camera capturing his special moments with the durian, the boy appears to be shocked and barely embarrassed. Reluctantly shifting away from the digicam, he finally removes his hand from his nostril.
Once Uncomplicated was posted on social media, it immediately sparked intrigue and amusement among the on-line neighborhood. Internet users found the boy’s durian consuming strategy humorous, while a quantity of others empathised and related to his method. Many confessed that they too had gone through an experimental phase with durian, exploring various ways to regulate to its unique scent and flavour. Here are a few of the feedback posted on the viral video:
“It was the identical for me at first, but now I can eat it with out overlaying my nostril.”
“Everyone has their way of acclimating to it.”
“Reminds me of my first encounter with durian, I twisted my face and held my breath. But have a look at me now, I may eat durian all the time.”