An activist is urging Malaysians who want to drive while travelling in Thailand to take out full insurance coverage protection policies to cut back problems within the case of an accident.
Abdul Halim Othman, also referred to as Cikgu Joe Satun, is a Malaysian activist living in Satun province in southern Thailand. He mentioned the difficulty of insurance coverage ought to be taken seriously because of the high cost of hospital remedy in Thailand.
The activist stated that some Malaysians who jump over the border into southern Thailand for short getaways typically avoid buying insurance either to save cash or because they’re unaware of the difficulties that can arise while making an attempt to repair the aftermath of an accident.
The activist advised Bernama…
“As soon as we step past the Malaysia-Thailand border, even for a brief meal in Danok, we’re already subject to the rules of the Thai authorities.
“Insurance will act as our ‘legal aid’ that may come to our rescue. If nothing happens, it’s okay. But if anything does occur, it will be robust with out full coverage. So you should keep in mind this before it really occurs.”
Abdul speaks from experience, volunteering to help many Malaysians involved in visitors accidents in Thailand since 2011.
“My wife is from Satun and may communicate Thai and Malay, so she acts as an intermediary to deal with authorities or Thai parties concerned within the accident.
“On my part, I will contact the Malaysians or the Malaysian ambassador here about the documentation needed. Without Mere of us, things can’t be carried out.”
He reminded Malaysian citizens that insurance is actually a requirement for any motorists wishing to drive a car on Thailand’s roads.
Four types of insurance are required together with compulsory insurance coverage, travel insurance coverage, voluntary insurance coverage and extension a hundred and one insurance.
For Malaysians, it is essential to buy the extension 101 insurance which can cowl the Malaysian automobile, except for the voluntary insurance coverage which can compensate both events.
One Malaysian national who broke each of his wrists in a automotive accident in Thailand, Azizan, purchased solely fundamental obligatory insurance. He stated the cost of his medical payments was lowered from around sixty two,000 baht (RM8000) to 23,000 baht (RM3000) with Abdul’s help..